Better health can begin with your DNA

Genetic testing can help you make informed health decisions


What can genetic testing do for me?

Genetic diagnosis

Diagnose an inherited condition or understand unexplained symptoms

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Reproductive health

Plan for a healthy pregnancy and learn how your genes could affect your future family

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Proactive health testing

Understand your health risks and focus on prevention

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What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing analyzes your DNA to discover differences called variants, which may affect the health of both you and your family.

Why Invitae?

Genetic testing that's simple, convenient and affordable

Quick turnaround, for results when you need them

The support you need, including expert genetic counseling

The ability to track your test's progress

We're here to support you every step of the way

Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you throughout the testing process. We can provide:

  • Suggestions for how to talk to your doctor and family about testing
  • Information about common genetic conditions
  • Genetic counseling to help you make sense of diagnosis
  • Access to tools such as the Invitae Patient Insights NetworkSM (PIN)

Patient story: Finding answers

For Liz Brown, being adopted meant that she always had questions about her health history. Diagnoses for both Liz and her daughter provided an answer to a lifelong question and gave Liz control of her family’s health and future.

Genetic testing gives you so many options to be proactive with your life instead of feeling like you have to be reactive when you get sick.

—Liz Brown


Patient Insights NetworkSM

A Patient Insights Network (PIN) is much more than a traditional registry. It’s a powerful tool for making your voice heard.

You can securely contribute data about your personal experience with a disease, learn how others manage similar health journeys, and receive information about the latest research and clinical trial opportunities.


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