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Genetics can be complicated. And medical visits are short. That's where genetic counselors come in.

Two easy ways to speak with a genetic counselor

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    Already have your Invitae results? For many of our tests, you have the option to schedule an hour-long, comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session, at no additional cost.*

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What’s included in an appointment?

In your post-test genetic counseling session, your genetic counselor will:

  • Ask you questions about your personal and family health history
  • Review your genetic test results with you to explain what they mean for you and your family
  • Answer any questions you may have about your results or what to do next

As you prepare for your session, we recommend you set aside one hour free from interruptions or distractions. You may consider asking your family members about your family medical history ahead of your appointment. It is helpful for your genetic counselor to understand if any family members have been diagnosed with medical conditions and at what age they were diagnosed. This information gives us signals into conditions that could be hereditary.

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*Offered in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for patients who have undergone genetic testing for reproductive health, cancer, cardiology, neurology (only for select tests), ophthalmology or deafness/hearing loss, or who have taken one of our proactive tests.
¹Invitae surveyed 762 individuals who completed an Invitae genetic counseling session and filled out a post-counseling survey between 11/1/2019 and 8/29/2020.