Genetic testing guides essential health decisions through all stages of life. Genetic testing guides essential health decisions through all stages of life.

Your health starts in your genes.

Create a healthier tomorrow, today.

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Genetic testing:
What you need to know

Genetic testing looks at your genes to see if there are any changes, called variants, that may impact your health today or in the future. 

Make better health decisions with genetic testing

Choosing the right test is the first step:

Diagnostic tests 

Get information to understand or diagnose an inherited disease or uncover the cause of unexplained symptoms. 

Proactive tests 

Learn if you are more likely to develop certain conditions so you can take steps to stay healthy now and in the future. 

Reproductive tests

Get helpful information to guide important health decisions before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Expert results you can act on

Invitae’s genetic tests are trusted by healthcare providers and individuals alike. Here’s why a million people—and counting—choose Invitae. 

Trusted by doctors 

Invitae provides information you can act on. Our testing is based on the latest medical research, so you and your doctor can decide what steps to take.

Convenient testing 

We make it easy to access medical-grade genetic testing online or from your healthcare provider. Track your sample, view your results, and access resources in our online portal.  

Experts who care 

Our team brings together the world’s leading experts in genetics and healthcare, united in our mission of making reliable genetic information affordable and accessible to all.

The support you need 

Invitae doesn’t just provide test results. We also help you understand what your results mean by offering educational resources and opportunities to speak with our team of experienced genetics experts

Advanced technology 

Our industry-leading lab is equipped with highly advanced technology that delivers accurate and reliable information—quickly and at an affordable price. Invitae meets or exceeds all CLIA and CAP standards. 

Your data, protected

At Invitae, you own and control your genetic information. 

You can decide how we may share your de-identified data. 

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Invitae is dedicated to you

Our mission is ambitious: improving the quality of healthcare by making genetic information affordable and accessible for billions of people.

We put you first in all that we do, so that you can take control of your health.

Genetic testing guides essential health decisions through all stages of life

Affordable pricing 

We're dedicated to driving down the cost of testing so you can benefit from your genetic information. We offer two easy ways to pay:


Invitae is in-network with most insurance providers: over 300 million individuals in the US have the option to pay with insurance. 


Don’t have insurance? No problem. Pay just $250 for most tests. You can also use your HSA/FSA. 

Genetic testing guides essential health decisions through all stages of life

Your questions, answered 

Our resource center offers:

  • answers to commonly asked questions about genetic testing 
  • details on how the testing process works
  • downloadable guides that explain common genetic diseases
  • an explanation of possible results and what they could mean for you