Genetic Health Scans

Knowledge is power when it comes to your health

Invitae is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Genetic Health Scans on the Helix marketplace. The Cardio Genetic Scan is planned to launch in 2017 and will be followed by the launch of the Cancer Genetic Scan.

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The Cardio Genetic Scan

The Cardio Genetic Scan analyzes your DNA for insights into your risk of developing specific genetic cardiovascular health conditions. Your results can provide medically actionable information about your DNA to help you and your doctor build a personalized health plan, such as early medical interventions and screenings.

These rare but serious genetic conditions include:

How it works

  1. Order Invitae’s Cardio Genetic Scan from the Helix marketplace and answer a few personal and family health history questions.

  2. Create an online Invitae account; Invitae will then assign a licensed physician to review your health history and make sure this scan is right for you.

  3. Helix will send you a DNA kit, so you can provide a saliva sample. You then mail your sample to the Helix lab, where Helix reads your DNA using next-generation sequencing. After your first kit, you’ll be able to purchase any product on the Helix marketplace without having to provide another sample or get your DNA sequenced again.

  4. Helix will send your DNA information to Invitae for interpretation.

  5. Invitae’s team of clinical experts will analyze your DNA information and write a report with your results.

  6. You will receive your results through your online Invitae account.

Results you can act on

Your report will provide a clear medical path forward if your result is positive or negative:


The scan has identified changes in your DNA that put you at increased risk of developing a specific cardiovascular health condition. It is important to know that this result does not mean you will develop a specific condition, only that you are at an increased risk for it. Working with your doctor, you can discuss prevention or early detection strategies to help reduce your risk. Your doctor may also recommend that your family members have their DNA tested for the same genetic change.


A negative result means that no DNA changes known to cause disease were identified. It is important to realize that a negative result cannot completely eliminate risk of disease. An individual’s overall disease risk is determined by a combination of personal and family medical history, environmental factors, and genetics. You may still wish to consult with your physician to develop a personal wellness plan. In most cases, your negative result does not apply to your family members.

Support every step of the way

To ensure that DNA insights from your Cardio Genetic Scan can be used to design a proactive health plan, clinical support is included in your order.

Because this scan analyzes conditions that might have serious medical implications, Invitae will have a doctor review your health history before your DNA is scanned to ensure this scan is right for you.

After you receive your result, you will be offered an appointment with a genetic counselor to review your results and discuss what they may mean for you and your family. Genetic counselors are healthcare providers specifically trained in how your DNA can affect your health; they are experts at discussing DNA results and analyzing your family history.