There’s a difference between asking for history—and testing it.


Invitae helps you test your patients’ past, so you can improve their future.


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The time for genetic testing is now.

Integrating germline genetic testing into your standard of care for patients at risk for or with active prostate cancer can help you:

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which patients may benefit from PSA screening at an earlier age


the timing for tumor biopsy and/or diagnosis


patients in need of more immediate intervention compared to those who can proceed with active surveillance


patients eligible for new treatments and/or more frequent surveillance


family members of patients who may also be at increased risk

Curious about when to use genetic testing?


PSA testing, while useful to screen for prostate cancer, may leave you and your patients with more questions than answers.

That’s where genetic testing comes in.

Integrating germline genetic testing with PSA testing can help identify patients who may have a genetic predisposition to prostate cancer.

Additionally, genetic testing may help you determine whether or not a tumor biopsy is needed.

That helps limit invasive interventions and prevent potential complications.


Patients under active surveillance may require frequent office visits, screenings, or changes to their treatment regimen.

With genetic testing, you can use results to risk stratify those with more aggressive disease progression and:

Identify patients in need of more urgent care. Some with particular genetic mutations may benefit from radiation or surgical intervention to reduce the risk of metastasis, improving prognosis and quality of life.

Discern patients eligible for new treatments. PARP inhibitors recently received FDA approval for the treatment of BRCA- or HRR-mutated mCRPC after previous therapies have failed.

Tailor screening measures. Establish how often a patient requires screening, or discover the need for additional cancer screenings, such as pancreatic cancer.

Why Invitae?

Invitae makes genetic testing simple.

Easy to order & understand

  • Test examines up to 19 genes associated with hereditary prostate cancer

  • Results include clear next steps

  • Testing kits can be mailed directly to patients’ homes

Genetic counseling resources

  • Establish which patients could benefit from genetic testing

  • Discuss difficult cases and next steps

  • Counsel patients directly and provide educational materials

Affordable options

  • Patients in-network typically pay no more than $100 out of pocket

  • $250 patient-pay option

  • No-charge genetic testing through our sponsored testing program for patients with prostate cancer stage II or above

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