Get started with diagnostic testing online

Get started with genetic testing online

If you’re located in the United States, you can order a diagnostic genetic test online.

How it works

1. Schedule a consultation

It’s important to work with a healthcare provider who can make sure you receive the right test based on your personal and family health history and goals. You can schedule a phone or video consultation with a genetics expert through our partner Genome Medical, or you can find a provider near you by searching our Genetics Provider Network.  

2. Provide your sample

After your provider places the order, you will receive a saliva collection kit in the mail. Follow the instructions in your kit, then ship your kit to Invitae’s lab. 

3. Track your test

Once your sample arrives in our lab, you’ll receive results in 10-21 days on average. During this time, you can use your HIPAA-secure portal account to track the progress of your sample and learn more about possible result types and what they could mean for you. 

4. understand your results

If you’re working with a Genome Medical provider, you can schedule a post-test counseling session by phone or video to discuss your results and what they mean for you. After your consultation, you’ll receive a written summary that includes your results, consultation notes, and personalized guidance to help you and your doctor integrate your results into your medical care. 

You should also discuss your results with your local healthcare provider, genetic counselor, or medical geneticist.  

How to pay

Invitae and Genome Medical offer multiple ways to pay, including insurance. You will pay Genome Medical for genetic counseling and physician services, and you will pay Invitae for your genetic test. 

Genome Medical

(genetic counseling and physician services)

Insurance: Genome Medical is a participating provider with some health insurance plans and can submit claims to your insurance provider. The amount you pay at the time of your session will be $50 or your specialty co-pay—depending on whether Genome Medical is an in-network provider with your insurance.

Self-pay: Pay $125 for Genome Medical’s services via credit card after your session is completed and skip the "billing your insurance provider" section.


(genetic testing)

Insurance: Invitae will submit the claim to your insurance provider. Most patients pay no more than $100 out of pocket after insurance billing.

Self-pay: Pay $250 via credit card and skip the "billing your insurance provider" section.