All of healthcare, informed by genetics

Bringing genetics into mainstream medicine to help billions

Invitae has a bold vision

By harnessing the power of genetics and technology, we can make medical genetics affordable and accessible for everyone, improving healthcare for billions of people. Our team of medical experts has developed reliable, comprehensive, and actionable genetic testing. We have helped improve care for hundreds of thousands of patients and their providers by driving down the cost of testing and developing a platform that provides genetic information for use throughout medicine—and throughout life.

"We are creating a world in which genetic information is used to guide healthcare decisions throughout every stage of life. From starting a family, to how we diagnose and treat diseases, to how we preserve health throughout the years, genetic information has the power to transform lives."

—Sean George, co-founder and CEO of Invitae

An unparalleled team

Invitae has assembled a team of experts, including board-certified geneticists, licensed genetic counselors, experts in bioinformatics, engineering, artificial intelligence, and commercial development, among other disciplines. Our medical team is led by our Chief Medical Officer Robert Nussbaum, M.D., a pioneer in medical genetics. Every Invitae report is reviewed by our team of Ph.D. scientists, medical geneticist lab directors, and genetic counselors.

Learn more about our medical team, our medical advisory board, our leadership team and our board of directors.

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