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Growing a mustache isn’t the only way to champion men’s health. Genetic testing may reveal your risk of prostate and other cancers, so you can take action.

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Step 1

Step 1

Request a test online. A doctor will place an order for you.

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Step 2

Provide a saliva sample from the comfort of home.

Step 3

Step 3

Get your results online and share them with your doctor. If you’d like, talk to a genetic counselor at no extra cost.

Take action based on your DNA

Invitae’s results come with clear next steps, so you know how to improve your health. We also make it easy to share with your doctor, so that you can work together to develop a plan that’s personalized to your body’s needs.


Real people, real stories

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For me, knowledge is power. The Invitae test gave me information to take control of my health — and my future.”

– Amanda Burris

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