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Genetic information can be very powerful for healthy patients in maintaining their health.


Proactive cancer screening:
Proactive genetic testing offers healthy adults without a strong personal or family history of disease an opportunity to learn how their genes could potentially impact their health.


Carrier screening:
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that patients of reproductive age should be offered carrier screening. Even if a family isn’t in the near-term plans for your patient, carrier screening before pregnancy can provide your patients with more reproductive options.

How can your patients benefit from proactive screening?



More than 9% of healthy adults have a genetic risk of developing cancer.

We believe that all individuals should consider proactive cancer screening, regardless of their family history of genetic disease or ethnicity. Invitae offers genetic testing for healthy adults who want to understand their DNA and focus on prevention.


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How can your patients benefit from carrier screening?



80% of children with a genetic disorder are born to parents with no family history or symptoms of the disorder.

We believe that all women of reproductive age should be offered carrier screening and that the cost of testing should not be a barrier. Invitae provides high-quality, affordable, and actionable carrier screening for your patients.


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Invitae Genetic Wellness Package 

The genetic wellness package combines carrier, cancer, and cardiovascular screening to make it easier for patients to understand their comprehensive genetic risks, all from one sample.  

What you get when ordered as a package: 

  • More than 400 actionable genes covering carrier, cancer, and cardiovascular risks

  • 2 comprehensive reports with just one sample 

  • Results in just 10-21 days on average

Invitae advantage

High-quality tests

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Affordable prices

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Experts on demand

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Invitae is committed to bringing high-quality genetic testing into mainstream medical practice

  • Quality testing backed by peer-reviewed studies showing 100% analytic sensitivity and specificity compared to historical hereditary cancer genetic testing laboratories.

  • Invitae performs full gene sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis on all genes unless otherwise indicated.

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Our pricing options make high-quality testing affordable

In order to make genetic information more accessible to all patients, Invitae is committed to providing affordable genetic testing with flexible billing options.

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Genetic counselors available on demand

We’re here to help answer you and your patients’ questions and provide support every step of the way. Invitae’s team of genetic counselors is available to:

  • Help you choose the test(s) that is most suitable for your patient

  • Aid in interpreting results

  • Provide post-test counseling for your patients at no additional charge 

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1. Request free kits for collecting patient specimens

2. Order a test using Invitae’s HIPAA-compliant online portal or on paper

  • Call Clinical Consult at 800-436-3037 if you would like to review patient cases or differentiate between testing options.

  • Patients can also contact Client Services for billing and insurance-related questions.

3. Receive an email when your results are ready (10-21 days, on average)

  • If you have any questions about the results or their clinical implications, our genetic counselors are available to discuss.

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