Need more answers after panel testing?

Simply order more genes for your patient at no additional charge

Broaden your search

Invitae's re-requisition service is offered at no additional charge for diagnostic panel testing and provides the flexibility you need to order the right genes at the right pace.

Depending on your patient’s clinical and family history, it may be appropriate to begin with a smaller panel test and then expand your search to a broader panel if desired.

If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for with your first panel test, you may order more genes within the original clinical area within 90 days for no additional charge. Our service includes:

  • no additional charge for the new test report
  • no new specimen required (if a positive result is found, a new specimen may be required for confirmation testing)
  • average 10–21 calendar day turnaround time for the new results

Who is eligible?

A case is eligible for one re-requisition at no additional charge if:

  • the original order was for a diagnostic panel test
  • the re-requisition order is placed within 90 days of the original report release
  • the genes added are within the same clinical area as the initial order and were available at the time of the original order

Beyond 90 days from the original report release date, the patient will be billed $250 for a re-requisition, even if the genes are within the original clinical area. In addition, a new specimen will be required.

Re-requisition is based on a standard Invitae test. Family members tested under Invitae’s family variant testing program are not eligible for re-requisitions at no additional charge.

Please note, we are unable to offer re-requisition from a panel test to exome testing. If you would like to proceed with the Invitae Boosted Exome, please submit a new order and specimen(s).

How do I order a re-requisition?

Sign In

To use our automated re-requisition tool:

  • Sign in to your account and view your order history page.
  • Select the order for which you would like to place a re-requisition.
  • Click the "View Options" button under the re-requisition section of the Order Status page.
  • Use the re-requisition tool to select additional genes, panels, or disorders for your patient.

Alternatively, you can also contact our client services team:

Can I add genes in a different clinical area?

You can re-requisition additional genes within another clinical area at any time. These orders will be billed separately as a new order and may also require a new specimen, depending on the clinical area of the added genes.