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Genetic information makes a difference

Data suggest that many cancer patients with clinically actionable genetic variants are being overlooked. In fact, patients who do not meet clinical guidelines for genetic testing have positive rates nearly as high as patients who meet guidelines.1 Read more >
We believe there are far more cancer patients who should be considered for genetic testing than are currently receiving testing.
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Watch a 6-minute video summarizing this study.

Benefits of testing

Genetic information impacts medical management and prevention

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Test options

One of the most comprehensive hereditary cancer test menus on the market

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Invitae advantage

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Benefits of genetic testing

Genetic testing can uncover actionable findings, leading to a significant change in clinical management.


  • Rapid or STAT genetic test results can inform quick surgical decisions without disrupting treatment timelines
  • Some cancers may be more responsive to specific therapeutic agents (e.g., PARP inhibitors)
  • Genetic information may qualify patients for participation in clinical trials or research studies


  • Increased surveillance can identify cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage
  • Risk-reducing surgery and/or chemoprevention can significantly decrease the chance of future cancers in the same or different organ systems


  • Genetic information can benefit close relatives and allow for risk stratification
  • Relatives at high risk can undergo enhanced surveillance, while those without the family variant may be able to avoid unnecessary procedures
  • Learn about Invitae’s program to test family members

Typical testing criteria for insurance coverage

Typically, hereditary cancer tends to present at younger ages or with multiple cancers.

If your patient—or one of their close blood relatives—has any of the following, most insurance providers will cover genetic testing:*

  • Diagnosis of cancer younger than expected
  • Breast cancer and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry
  • Male breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • High-risk, regional, or metastatic prostate cancer
  • Multiple primary tumors in the same or different organ system
  • Tumor pathology suggestive of a genetic syndrome, as noted in a pathology report
  • Strong family history of cancer (typically more than one relative on the same side diagnosed with cancer)

Although the great majority of patients who select insurance billing already pay less than $100 out of pocket with Invitae, our simple out-of-pocket cost estimator can bring peace of mind.

For patients who do not meet their insurance testing criteria, we offer $250 patient-pay pricing.

The most comprehensive hereditary cancer test menu

Invitae Breast Cancer STAT Panel

A curated panel with rapid results in 7 days on average to inform breast surgical decisions

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Invitae Common Hereditary Cancers Panel

A commonly-ordered comprehensive cancer panel covering breast, gynecologic, prostate, and GI cancers

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Invitae Multi-Cancer Panel

Our largest, most comprehensive cancer panel, maximizing diagnostic yield across eight major organ systems

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Additional testing options

  • Design and customize your own panels from over 130 genes associated with hereditary cancer risk with results in 10-21 calendar days, on average
  • Over 40 individual hereditary cancer condition tests
  • Rare genes associated with hereditary cancer not typically offered by most labs

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Not sure which panel is right for your patient?

Consult with one of our board-certified genetic counselors, available Monday through Friday, 5 am to 5 pm Pacific, to identify patients who could benefit from testing and differentiate between tests.

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Invitae advantage

Invitae testing is covered by most insurance plans and we will not hold a sample or report while managing insurance claims.

Our $250 patient-pay option and patient assistance program help make high-quality testing accessible.

Option to expand to a larger hereditary cancer panel if needed within 90 days of receiving results, at no additional charge.

Genetic counselors available on demand to help identify patients who could benefit from testing, discuss tough cases, and even counsel your patients directly.

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2. Order a test using Invitae’s HIPAA-compliant online portal or on paper

  • Call Clinical Consult at 800-436-3037 if you would like to review patient cases or differentiate between testing options.

  • Patients can also contact Client Services for billing and insurance-related questions.

3. Receive an email when your results are ready (10-21 calendar days, on average)

  • If you have any questions about the results or their clinical implications, our genetic counselors are available to discuss.

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Tools for your clinic

Invitae’s reference guides offer direction on when to consider genetic testing and provide management guidelines. We have also created patient resources for you to share with your patients when speaking to them about genetic testing, like the video below.

Family history questionnaire

Collect your patient’s full family history to inform management


Risks and references poster

Gene by gene risks for cancer, categorized by organ system


Use this video to start the conversation about genetic testing with your patients.

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*These criteria have been adapted from current professional society guidelines. This is not an exhaustive list. Insurance criteria differ across providers. Patients who fit these criteria are not guaranteed to be covered by insurance for genetic testing.


1. Yang S, Axilbund JE, O’Leary E, Michalski ST, Evans R, Lincoln SE, Esplin ED, Nussbaum RL. Underdiagnosis of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Medicare patients: Genetic testing criteria miss the mark. Ann Surg Oncol. 2018;25(10):2925-31.

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