Genetic testing, targeted for cancer

The broadest oncology menu available. High-quality analysis. Easy ordering.


Comprehensive cancer testing, simplified

  • Carefully curated tests for many cancer types
  • The option to design your own test for your patient
  • Panels of genes with published management guidelines

Robust clinical evidence generated with leading institutions

  • The only clinical lab to deliver a >1000 patient study demonstrating excellent analytical validity and concordance with traditional testing methods
  • Multiple studies conducted in collaboration with world-renowned medical centers
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Empower your clinic with tools and support

Family History Tool

Free and easy-to-use pedigree tool

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Clinical support on tap

Expert advice and counseling for you and your patient when you need it

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Genetics Provider Network

Get referrals to your practice

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High-quality genetic testing doesn't need to be expensive

"Harnessing the power of genetic testing in a responsible and ethical way
is really what we're trying to do."

–Raluca Kurz, M.S., LCGC, Genetic Counselor

Transparent pricing.
Ethical billing.

  • Panel testing that lets you take cost out of the equation with no explanation of benefits >$1500 ever
  • Instant out-of-pocket cost estimates offered for tests related to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) and Lynch syndrome

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