Invitae's new approach to family variant testing

Follow-up testing at no additional charge for first-degree relatives

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At Invitae, we are committed to lowering the cost of genetic testing and removing barriers to access. Follow up testing for first-degree relatives is now included in the price of Invitae testing.

Genetic insights are a family affair

For patients who undergo panel or gene testing at Invitae and are found to have a clinically actionable variant, their first-degree relatives can have up to a 50% risk of having the same variant.

  • Identifying the presence of a variant—sometimes even before symptoms occur—can enable preventive medical management
  • Identifying the absence of a variant can also have significant implications for relatives

Recent evidence shows that only a small percentage of relatives pursue follow-up testing, in part due to cost.1,2 As part of our commitment to lowering barriers to genetic testing, we now offer testing for first-degree relatives at no additional charge.

Eligibility & requirements

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How to order

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Eligibility & requirements

  • First-degree relative of the original patient
  • The original patient was tested at Invitae
  • A pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant was found on a gene or panel test
  • Order must be placed within 90 days of original patient’s test report

How to order

  1. Sign in to your Invitae portal account and start an order
  2. In the "reasons for testing" section please provide:
    • The order number "RQ number" of the original patient tested at Invitae
    • Relationship to the original proband
    • A pedigree of affected family members (recommended) and/or affected status of the patient

If you prefer to place your order on paper, you can download the Family Variant Testing/VUS Resolution requisition form (TRF920).

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