Introducing Invitae to the BSCA network

A webinar with Steve Lincoln,
Head of Scientific Affairs at Invitae

Introducing Invitae to the BSCA Network

At Invitae, we’re working to reinvent genetic testing. In this webinar, Steve Lincoln, head of scientific affairs at Invitae, provides an overview of:
  • Invitae's state-of-the-art hereditary genetic testing offering
  • Our philosophy and approach to delivering the highest quality genetic testing
  • Our commitment to medical responsibility
He also discusses ways in which you can make sure the testing you provide your patients meets the highest standards of excellence.
Invitae’s goal is to ensure you have the tools you need to give your patients answers, reliably and quickly. Join us in our mission to improve healthcare for everyone.

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For more information about testing with Invitae, please view the testing with Invitae flyer (written specifically for BSCA clinicians) and our technology, validation, and data sharing overview.