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Clinical Genomics Data Scientist Internship


Invitae is inviting applications for a summer internship from individuals with a background in bioinformatics, computational biology and/or human genetics and genomics. This team is responsible for analyzing clinical genetic data and developing tools for improving clinical genetic interpretation. This position requires a willingness to learn, and a dedication to patient health. This is a unique opportunity to work closely with an experienced team of California-licensed laboratory directors, board-certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors, genomics scientists, bioinformaticians, and other professionals.


  • Analyze data from internal/external genotypic and phenotypic databases in order to develop novel approaches for the interpretation of clinical genetic information.
  • Participate in the development and refinement of tools for analyzing genetic data


  • Undergraduate or Masters student in bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics, genetics or a related field
  • Demonstrated ability to understand, synthesize, and coherently evaluate complex genetic information
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Proficiency in working with large data sets
  • Proficiency with statistical tests and tools is beneficial
  • Programming and data visualization skills is beneficial
  • Previous research experience in bioinformatics is beneficial

Invitae envisions a world in which genomic sequencing routinely informs lifelong health care decisions. We provide comprehensive, rapid, and affordable genome sequencing and clinically relevant interpretations of genomic data. We are committed to enabling the utilization of genomic data in order to improve health, catalyze scientific and medical research, and contribute to improved outcomes for everyone. Invitae is an open, title-free company that operates as a meritocracy. We focus intently on our ability to deliver reliable solutions that contribute to improving people's lives. We ruthlessly eliminate overhead and policies that interfere with productivity.

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