Our culture

It's impossible to distill our culture into three or four feel-good and non-controversial statements, but it is not impossible to describe what we aspire to:

  • Team above the individual
  • Radically honest communication
  • Freedom with accountability
  • Transparency and data-informed action
  • A sense of urgency
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Benefits and perks

  • Strong Compensation

    We offer competitive salaries and equity in a rapidly growing company.

  • Health Coverage

    Take advantage of comprehensive benefits, including health, dental, and vision.

  • Family Friendly

    Have peace of mind with generous vacation days ("take all the time you need; don't let your team down") and an excellent family leave policy.

  • Work how you want

    We make work easy with flexible working hours, the computer and accessories of your choice, and opportunities to work from home.

What we do

  • Challenge each other to perform at our highest level
  • Speak directly and honestly
  • Think about the needs of our team above our own
  • Embrace failure as a learning experience
  • Have wonderful disagreements to challenge the status quo
  • Focus on freedom with accountability over policy

What we don't do

  • Take the easy way out
  • Avoid truthful communication because it feels uncomfortable
  • Isolate ourselves from our team members
  • Hide from failure or blame others
  • Accept things as they are
  • Micromanage our employees

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What people are saying

A great fast-paced and independent thinking culture
Driving to make medicine more affordable and personalized for the masses.

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