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Past Webinars

Updated recommendations for the genetic evaluation of cardiomyopathy

Ray E. Hershberger, MD; Matteo Vatta, PhD; Ana Morales, MS, CGC
November 14, 2019
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In this webinar, guideline authors Ray E. Hershberger, MD, Matteo Vatta, PhD, and Ana Morales, MS, CGC, will review updated recommendations for the genetic evaluation of cardiomyopathy collaboratively published for the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), including recommendations for family history, phenotype screening of at-risk family members, referral to expert centers, genetic counseling, and cardiovascular therapies.

Functional modeling: The next frontier in variant interpretation (Sponsored lunch session at the NSGC Annual Conference)

Brandie Heald Leach, MS, LGC, Cleveland Clinic; Carlos Araya, PhD, Invitae
November 07, 2019
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In this presentation, given as part of the NSGC Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Genetic Counselor Brandie Leach discusses the complexity of variant interpretation and VUSs, and their impact on patients. Dr. Carlos Araya provides background information on Invitae's approach to variant interpretation using the Sherloc framework and discusses our efforts to enable high quality variant interpretation at scale. He then discusses the details of the functional modeling technology and its performance. Finally, he reviews future efforts at Invitae for scaling molecular and cellular evidence to improve variant classification at Invitae.

Invitae's sponsored testing programs

Michelle Fox (MS, LCGC), Michael Hamilton (Chief Privacy Officer), and Gautam Mehta (BioPharma Partnerships) (Invitae)
October 10, 2019
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Please join us on October 10 to learn from Michelle Fox and Michael Hamilton as they discuss how Invitae's sponsored testing programs are increasing access to genetic testing.

Michelle Fox provides consultation services to organizations, laboratories, and businesses, including Invitae. She is President of the Southern California Genetic Counselors and was recently elected to the National Society of Genetic Counselors Board of Directors.

Gautam R Mehta currently leads the Biopharma Implementation team at Invitae. As part of this team, he is working to scale and streamline the operations of all of Invitae's biopharma programs, which help reduce barriers to genetic testing and enable patients get an accurate diagnosis faster. Previously, Gautam led international lab operations and helped design and develop Invitae's assays and clinical lab workflows. Before joining Invitae, Gautam worked at Pfizer building next-generation sequencing assays to identify novel targets for drug development.

Michael Hamilton has extensive experience working with businesses to identify ways that healthcare and genetic data can be used in compliance with privacy laws to further scientific understanding and advancement. At Invitae, Michael works on a range of privacy and regulatory issues, with a focus on how genetics-related data can be used and shared.

Genetic counselors and breast surgeons: Bridging the gap

Pat W. Whitworth, MD (Breast Surgeon, Nashville Breast Center) and Kate Dempsey Principe, MS, CGC (Regional Genetics Coordinator, Texas Oncology)
August 28, 2019
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Please join us on August 28 to learn from Dr. Pat Whitworth and Kate Dempsey Principe as they share insights about the new ASBrS guidelines and their implementation from two different perspectives: that of a breast surgeon and that of a genetic counselor.

Dr. Pat Whitworth is a breast surgical oncologist and Director of the Nashville Breast Center. He has served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the American Society of Breast Surgeons, Vice Chair of the Breast Committee for the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group, and Chair of the Research Committee for the ASBrS.

Kate Dempsey Principe is a certified genetic counselor, and the regional genetics coordinator for the Gulf Coast with Texas Oncology. She is an active member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, and has served on the Membership Committee, the Access and Service Delivery Committee, and the Telegenetics Practice Guidelines Author Group.

Functional modeling: The next frontier in variant interpretation

Keith Nykamp, PhD, and Carlos L. Araya, PhD
August 07, 2019
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Please join us on August 7 to learn from Drs. Nykamp and Araya, as they discuss the role of a functional modeling platform that utilizes computational and experimental approaches — including cellular and mRNA analyses — to inform the clinical significance of variants affecting both RNAs and proteins.

Keith Nykamp, PhD, currently leads the Clinical Sciences and Interpretation team at Invitae. As part of this team, he is working to improve the accuracy of variant classification with a robust, evidence-based system that can be applied consistently across all genes and diseases. Before joining Invitae, Keith worked as a Molecular Geneticist and Director of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) at PreventionGenetics. He holds a doctorate in Molecular Genetics from the University of Florida and was a postdoctoral fellow with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Prior to joining Invitae, Carlos L. Araya, PhD, was the co-founder and CEO of Jungla Inc., an AI-driven biotechnology company focused on enabling robust, scalable and transparent clinical genomics for the precision medicine industry. Carlos completed postdoctoral work at Stanford University and holds a doctorate in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington. His work has been published in Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Genetics, and featured in the New York Times.

Precision medicine implications from genetic testing in childhood epilepsy

Swaroop Aradhya, PhD, FACMG
July 24, 2019
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Please join us on July 24th to learn from Dr. Aradhya as he shares insights from Invitae’s recent study published in Epilepsia Open involving nearly 10,000 patients that supports the routine and early use of genetic testing in childhood epilepsy.

Swaroop Aradhya, PhD, FACMG, is the head of Global Medical Affairs at Invitae. Dr. Aradhya is a board-certified molecular geneticist and cytogeneticist. He joined Invitae to help bring genetics into mainstream medicine by innovating laboratory technologies, fostering advances in evidence-based clinical standards, and building mechanisms to empower individuals globally to access their genetic information.

Estimating and managing risk in long QT syndrome (LQTS) and catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT).

Andrea Mazzanti, MD
July 11, 2019
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Please join us on June 11th to learn from Dr. Andrea Mazzanti as he discusses estimating and managing risk in patients with LQTS and CPVT.

Andrea Mazzanti, MD, is a cardiologist and researcher at the Molecular Cardiology Division of the IRCCS ICS Maugeri in Pavia, Italy. Since 2012, Dr. Mazzanti has worked with Professor Silvia G. Priori on clinical research in the field of genetic diseases of the heart.

Invitae patient-initiated testing: Intent, process, and outcomes thus far

Moderator: Mary Freivogel, MS, CGC (Provider Marketing Lead) Presenters: Dr. Robert Nussbaum (Chief Medical Officer), Mansi Pathak (Consumer Marketing), and Kate Lynch, MS, CGC (Genetic Counseling Services Lead)
June 25, 2019
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Join Invitae and partners for a webinar presenting Invitae’s new patient-driven, telemedicine-guided genetic testing service . Topics include: Invitae’s intent and goals; a detailed demonstration of the patient experience; how we work with our partners, Genome Medical and PWN Health, to provide patients with expert clinical support; outcomes from our pilot program; and how this new process can help genetic counselors in the clinic. At the end of the webinar, we have ample time to answer questions from the audience. We encourage you to participate by submitting your questions in real-time during the webinar or beforehand at this link:

Safety of sports participation for patients with inherited arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies

Susan Etheridge, MD
June 19, 2019
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Please join us on June 5th to learn from Dr. Etheridge as she discusses risks and benefits of exercise in the management of patients with genetic heart rhythm disorders.

Susan Etheridge, MD, is Director of the Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship and Residency Program at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Etheridge is a pediatric electrophysiologist who sees children and some adults with all forms of arrhythmic disorders, having a special interest in long QT syndrome.

State of the molecular autopsy

Michael J. Ackerman, MD, PhD
June 05, 2019
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Please join us on June 5th to learn from Dr. Ackerman as he discusses postmortem genetic testing for sudden cardiac death in the young.

Michael J. Ackerman, MD, PhD, is the Windland Smith Rice Cardiovascular Genomics Research Professor and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is a consultant in cardiovascular diseases and pediatric cardiology and serves as Director of Mayo Clinic’s Long QT Syndrome/Genetic Heart Rhythm Clinic and the Windland Smith Rice Sudden Death Genomics Laboratory.