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When it comes to your health, one size doesn’t fit all

77% of people say they’d likely take a test if it would help them develop a personalized health plan.1 There’s nothing more personal than your genes.

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Invest in your health

From green juice to home workout equipment, you’re already prioritizing things that support your health.

But did you know that genetic testing can help you make the most of those investments by helping you decide where you may need to focus your health habits?

Genetic testing can tell you if you could benefit from:

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    Changing your lifestyle, diet, or exercise routine.

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    Seeing a specialist or adding a new healthcare provider to your care team.

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    Starting or stopping certain treatments, medications, or supplements.

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    Increasing medical screenings so you can act early, when treatment is most effective.

Meet Jenna

Jenna’s family history didn’t show cancer was something she should worry about.

Without Invitae’s Cancer Screen, Jenna wouldn’t know she’s at increased risk of breast cancer. After receiving her results, she started getting mammograms 7 years ahead of schedule and is taking steps to reduce her risk.

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