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With an Invitae test, you get a more complete picture of your health—from the inside out. That’s a step in making healthier decisions. But you won’t know until you test.
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What are the potential results?

You can expect 3 possible results from your test: positive, negative, or carrier status.

Positive: A positive test result means your genetics give you a higher-than-average risk of developing a heart condition. Remember, this doesn’t guarantee you will get the condition. It means you can now work with your doctor to proactively prevent the condition or detect it early, when it’s most treatable.

Negative: A negative result means we did not identify any changes in your genes that would increase your risk of heart issues. This means you can feel confident continuing with your doctor’s recommendations, like eating right, getting exercise, and going to all your appointments.

Carrier status: Carrier status means that a change was identified in your genes that most often does not increase your personal risk for developing a specific medical condition. But it does increase the chance that you could pass that condition to your children. Most often, though, both you and your partner have to be carriers for the same condition for your children to be at increased risk.

What’s included?

When you order this Invitae genetic test, you’re getting:
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    Up to 147 genes

    Other genetics companies test fewer than 10 genes. Invitae’s more comprehensive tests mean you’re more likely to get answers.
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    Clear next steps

    Invitae’s tests focus on conditions that can be prevented or treated if discovered early, so you can take action based on your results.
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    Direct access to genetics experts

    Experts are available by phone to answer questions. Once you have results, schedule a full genetic counseling session.