Ophthalmology sponsored testing program

Invitae partners with biopharma companies to offer sponsored testing for patients who meet eligibility criteria

Inherited Retinal Disease Gene Testing Program

Invitae is offering a Spark-sponsored genetic testing program at no charge* for individuals suspected of having an inherited retinal disease (IRD). This program gives patients access to a broad genetic testing panel of approximately 300 genes associated with IRDs.

IRDs are a group of rare eye disorders caused by an inherited gene mutation and can result in vision loss or blindness. Common IRDs include retinitis pigmentosa, choroideremia, Leber congenital amaurosis, cone-rod dystrophy, and juvenile macular degeneration.

*This initiative is open to U.S. residents only, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the program.

Inherited Retinal Disease

*Available for eligible geographies outside of the US.

Invitae Inherited Retinal Disease Sponsored Testing provides access to sponsored, no-charge genetic testing for individuals suspected of or at risk of having an inherited retinal disease either from clinical symptoms or family history.

The Invitae Inherited Retinal Disease sponsored testing program breaks down barriers to genetic testing for inherited retinal disease. Through the program, individuals suspected of having an inherited retinal disease have access to no-charge genetic testing to help confirm a suspected diagnosis, provide anticipatory guidance, determine which relatives may be at risk, and/or consider enrollment in clinical trials.