Sponsored, no-charge testing programs


Invitae’s mission is to make genetic testing more accessible to everyone and our partnerships and sponsored testing programs support this mission. Invitae partners with biopharma companies to offer sponsored, no-charge testing, and in some cases genetic counseling, for patients who meet eligibility criteria.


Clinical areas 

Sponsored testing programs are available in the following clinical areas:












Benefits of genetic testing

The benefits of our sponsored testing programs include the ability to:

  • identify the risk of diseases for patients and their family members
  • shorten the time to diagnosis and to prevent misdiagnosis
  • help patients consider clinical trials
  • make patients and providers aware of research opportunities and potential therapies

Sponsored testing programs

In order to provide these sponsored testing programs at no charge to patients, Invitae partners with biopharma companies. These biopharma sponsors receive de-identified patient data from these programs as well as contact information for the healthcare providers who use the programs.

De-identified data means that any patient-identifiable information (e.g., name, date of birth, date of test, etc.) has been removed. De-identified information that is shared includes:

  • de-identified variant information; and
  • de-identified patient symptom data

Invitae will never share personal (identifiable) information with the sponsor unless a patient specifically authorizes us to do so. To learn more, please see Invitae’s privacy policy.

Other partnership programs

Working with biopharma

Working with advocacy


While third parties and commercial organizations may provide financial support for this program, tests and services are performed by Invitae. Healthcare professionals must confirm that patients meet certain criteria to use the program. Third parties and commercial organizations may receive de-identified patient data from this program, but at no time would they receive patient identifiable information. Third parties and commercial organizations may receive contact information for healthcare professionals who use this program. Genetic testing and counseling are available in the US and Canada. Healthcare professionals and patients who participate in this program have no obligation to recommend, purchase, order, prescribe, promote, administer, use or support any other products or services from Invitae or from third parties or commercial organizations.