A more complete story with genetic testing

Genetic testing can help guide some of the most important decisions in your patients’ lives. Invitae makes it easy.
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Imagine what you could do for your patients with more insight

Genetic testing can give you actionable insights to improve diagnosis, prognosis, and patient care. In your practice today, there are patients who could benefit from genetic testing. We’re here to make it easy.

Invitae gives you clear results to take action

Our genetic reports and expert support can provide information for next steps based on today’s medical guidelines.

Easy, accessible test options

Our easy-to-order panels align with professional guidelines, making your next steps clear. Plus Invitae is in-network with all national US health insurance plans, and we offer accessible self-pay pricing options.
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    Step 1

    Select your test and place your order via our convenient online portal.
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    Step 2

    Collect your patient’s specimen using an Invitae collection kit and then use the label provided for free return shipping.*
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    Step 3

    Receive results online and discuss with your patients. Invitae genetics experts can help answer any questions.
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Expert support when you need it

We make it easy to integrate genetics into your routine care. Our genetics experts can discuss patient cases, review test selection, aid in interpreting results, and answer your patients’ questions directly. Our licensed, board-certified genetic counselors are available throughout the testing process.

Patient support on-demand, 24/7

Your patients can work with our HIPAA-compliant virtual Genetic Information Assistant chatbot, Gia®. Not only does Gia personalize your patients’ experience, she can collect family history, coordinate results, and schedule live genetic counseling.
*Return shipping is offered at no additional charge for most samples returned from the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.