Precision oncology in your lab

Invitae now includes ArcherDX’s robust molecular profiling portfolio, offering a comprehensive range of assays for detecting oncogenic drivers and other informative alterations in solid tumors and blood cancers.
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We’re expanding access to precision oncology testing products

Invitae’s portfolio includes precision oncology products and services that are accurate, flexible and easy-to-use in local settings.
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AMP™️ chemistry for next-generation sequencing can redefine your lab’s capabilities

The core of every panel is our proprietary Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™️) chemistry for next-generation sequencing (NGS). AMP enables you to accurately identify simple and complex genomic mutations, easily sequencing across most tumor types.

Simple workflow keeps your lab functioning at its maximum potential

End-to-end solution

From sample to data, Invitae offers an end-to-end solution with flexibility, accuracy and utility to enhance your workflow

High-sensitivity variant detection

Highly specific and sensitive, even when using low input and degraded samples such as FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded) tissue

Robust molecular profiling from liquid and tissue biopsies

Solid tumor research panels offer a sensitive targeted sequencing approach for biomarker detection from both liquid and tissue biopsies

Blood cancer panels that detect driver mutations

Blood cancer research panels detect various driver mutations in hematologic malignancies by targeted NGS

Adaptable assays for tomorrow’s needs

Create a custom panel with genes of interest or modify an existing panel—without sacrificing performance

Integrated bioinformatics platform

Our versatile analysis platform automates processing of sequencing data generated from all of our NGS panels

Choose Invitae as your comprehensive molecular profiling partner

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