How to place an order

Invitae makes genetic testing easy

Step 1: Select and submit your order

Invitae offers three ways to start an order. Ordering online allows for more efficient processing, faster report delivery and access to additional features.
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Order online

Browse our test catalog to select a curated panel or create a custom test. Save your order at any time to return to it later.

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Order on paper

Download the relevant PDF on our forms page, if you prefer to order via paper. Note: Exome testing can only be ordered online.

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Order via a sponsored testing program

Follow the instructions on the relevant program page to order no-charge genetic testing for patients who meet eligibility criteria.

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Step 2: Collect and return a specimen

Collect your patient’s specimen using an Invitae collection kit and use the label provided for free return shipping.*

Request a kit

Invitae collection kits come with clear instructions and all packing materials needed to send the specimen to Invitae.

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Specimen & shipping requirements

Specimen and shipping requirements depend on the specimen and test type. Please review both before sending in your patient’s sample.

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Schedule a pickup from your office

Collection kits come with a prepaid label inside.* Schedule a FedEx pickup from the Invitae portal.

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Step 3: Receive results and determine next steps

When your patient’s results are ready, you’ll receive a notification email. Simply log in to your online account to view, save or print your patient’s report.

Information for next steps
Reports come with clear information about potential next steps and, for many results, Invitae offers detailed gene-specific guides created by experts.

Peer-to-peer support
Invitae’s genetic counselors are available to help you interpret results and identify relevant management guidelines, studies and resources.

Patient counseling
Your patients can talk to Invitae’s genetic counselors directly and, for certain tests, can even schedule an individual post-test counseling session at no additional charge. **

Gia®: our HIPAA-compliant clinical chatbot

Designed by genetic experts and used by more than 100,000 patients and their doctors, Gia reduces the time it takes to get genetic information by facilitating patient intake, education, risk assessment and, in some cases, automatic delivery of results.

Next steps and additional services

Invitae is dedicated to making sure your patients—and their families—have the answers they need.
*Return shipping is offered at no additional charge for most samples returned from the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
**Full post-test genetic counseling sessions are offered in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for patients who have undergone genetic testing for reproductive health, cancer, cardiology, ophthalmology or deafness/hearing loss, or who have taken one of our proactive tests.