Finding more answers for more patients, together

With your genetics expertise and Invitae’s commitment to high-quality, affordable testing, we can translate genetics into meaningfully better care.
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Comprehensive suite of tests to inform health decisions

Invitae’s tests help you deliver answers in all stages of life.

  • Diagnosis and treatment: cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurology, pediatrics, metabolic disorders & newborn screening, immunology and more
  • Healthy mom and baby: comprehensive carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal screening, preimplantation genetic testing, prenatal diagnosis and miscarriage analysis
  • Healthy individuals: inherited cancer and cardiovascular risk, as well as pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing

Genes are personal. So are our tests.

Each patient is unique. That’s why we offer highly flexible test options, so you can customize your selection to meet the needs of every patient.
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Committed to affordability

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to genetic information. Invitae is driving down the price of testing so more people can have access to their genetic information.

  • In network with all major US insurance providers
  • $250 self-pay pricing for germline panel tests
  • Financial assistance program to help patients who may not otherwise have access
  • Sponsored testing programs that provide no-charge testing for eligible patients
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A new gold standard

Invitae’s advanced sequencing combined with a state-of-the-art variant interpretation framework yields clear, actionable and reliable results.

  • Customized molecular and bioinformatics methods means that we find variants that may be missed by other labs¹,²
  • Invitae’s functional modeling platform and Sherloc variant classification framework enable accurate variant interpretation and fewer VUS
  • Exome analysis with boosted NGS coverage of medically relevant genes includes case-level reanalysis every six months
  • RNA analysis to provide more definitive results in cancer testing
  • Ongoing contributions to ClinVar, to enable detailed peer review of variant classifications and consensus classification by the global community of experts

An ecosystem of tools, education and testing support

Invitae is more than a lab. As your partner in genetic testing, we support you throughout the testing process, so you can help your patients make informed decisions.


1. Truty, R., Paul, J., Kennemer, M. et al. Prevalence and properties of intragenic copy-number variation in Mendelian disease genes. Genet Med. 2019;21:114–123.
2. Data on file. Invitae.