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Confirm a diagnosis, provide a better understanding of prognosis, and direct medical management

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Reproductive health

Help make healthy pregnancies possible with carrier screening and preimplantation testing

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Proactive health

Determine a healthy adult’s predisposition to cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and more

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Genetic information can transform clinical decisions

Learn how to bring genetic testing into clinical care.

Genetics insights make a difference.
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Comprehensive genetic tests backed by genetic experts
• Positive diagnostic or proactive result? Test blood relatives at no additional charge
• Negative diagnostic result? Add genes at no additional charge

Lowering barriers
to genetic testing

• In-network for over 250 million
• Transparent pricing, including $250 patient-pay option for diagnostic, proactive, and carrier screening
• Most patients pay less than $100 out of pocket

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• Call our experienced genetic counselors to consult on-demand
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