Invitae Genetic Health Screen

A proactive test for healthy adults who want to understand their DNA and focus on prevention

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  • Informs healthy individuals about their risk for certain genetic conditions
  • Analyzes more than 130 genes related to inherited cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and more
  • Includes post-test consultation with a board-certified genetic counselor for your patients
  • Test results have a clear medical basis and are clinically actionable
  • Supports proactive healthcare in conjunction with a medical provider
  • Additional test options for a focused look at genetic risks specifically related to either cancer or cardiovascular conditions

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Empower your practice with proactive genetics

Clinical support

Expert advice and counseling as needed.

High quality testing

Expertly curated genes and a CLIA-certified lab.

Fast results

Results available in 10–21 calendar days.

About 1 in 20 people carry a serious health-related genetic risk, but most don't know it

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