Privacy at Invitae

Our commitment to protecting your information

Invitae’s mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people. From day one, patients owning and controlling their genetic data has been one of our core principles.

This page explains in high-level terms how Invitae protects patient data and empowers patients to set choices about how their data is used and shared. It also provides links to more detailed information about Invitae’s privacy practices. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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What types of data does Invitae use?

Invitae collects a range of personal, health and genetic data in order to faciliate its provision of genetic testing and related services.
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How does Invitae protect patient data?

Invitae takes robust measures to help keep patient data safe and secure and limit use of data only for permitted purposes. Invitae uses technical, administrative and physical safeguards to secure patient data and protect it against misuse, loss or alteration. Invitae also takes steps to de-identify or anonymize patient data in accordance with applicable laws. De-identified data (also called pseudonymized data) is data that has been stripped of identifying information (such as a name or email address), although the data may contain a key that Invitae can use to link back to the individual where required. Anonymized data is similar to de-identified data except that there is no ability to link back to an individual. For de-identified data, Invitae removes all identifiers under HIPAA and takes further precautions around genetic information by ensuring any information shared includes:

  • No more than 4 common genetic variants
  • No more than 6 rare genetic variants
  • No unique, large family relationship data
Once all of these identifiers are removed and precautions are taken, we believe that the de-identified data cannot reasonably be traced to you or used to identify you or your genetic information as an individual.

How may patient data be used or shared?

  • The following activities are a core part of Invitae’s services:

    • Providing genetic testing and related services, including preparation and delivery of a genetic test report to healthcare providers.
    • Performing operational activities in support of providing and obtaining payment for genetic testing services, such as billing for services Invitae provides and complying with laboratory regulations.
    • Conducting quality improvement activities that support genetic testing services. Examples of these activities include making sure test results are accurate and high-quality, ensuring the laboratory and technology systems supporting Invitae’s genetic testing services are kept current and up-to-date, refining and updating Invitae’s classification of genetic variants, and sharing anonymized variant information with ClinVar.
  • Invitae also performs research, product development, and commercial activities

    Patients can opt out of any of the following activities by setting preferences in the Invitae patient portal or emailing us.

    • Performing internal research and product development activities. These activities help Invitae expand the genes it can offer for testing to patients and deliver new products and services.
    • Sharing de-identified (pseudonymized) data and samples with third parties for research or commercial activities. Third parties may include academic researchers, commercial entities, and other genetic testing laboratories. Recipients of the de-identified data and samples are prohibited from attempting to re-identify patients. Invitae will NOT share identifiable data or samples for research or commercial activities without additional, explicit consent from the patient.
    • Contacting patients about research opportunities, opportunities to connect with others, product feedback, and new products and services.
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What happens to patient data under sponsored testing programs?

Invitae offers sponsored testing programs as described at Participation in these programs is completely voluntary. Under these programs, third party biopharmaceutical companies sponsor the cost of testing for eligible patients. If a patient chooses to participate in a Sponsored testing program, Invitae will share de-identified genetic test results and clinical information and the contact information of the ordering healthcare provider with the sponsor(s), who may contact the healthcare provider.