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Our genetic testing services are supported with telehealth options.

We are fully operational and experiencing no disruptions

Even during this challenging time, patients may need genetic testing to inform health decisions, from cancer patients to women starting a family. Our team is working hard to ensure that we are here for everyone who relies on us. Our lab is fully operational, receiving patient samples and delivering reports. Our laboratory staff and processes comply with widely accepted biosafety level 2 standards for handling various types of biological samples from patients, including those with infectious disease. We have also taken a number of steps to continue to support our customers without interruption.


Leveraging telehealth capabilities

The use of telemedicine is increasing in response to the current public health climate. We are bringing solutions to clinicians and patients that offer flexibility and allow clinical care to continue.

Gia, our virtual genetic information assistant, is a HIPAA-compliant clinical chatbot designed in partnership with genetic counselors. She provides the framework for a telemedicine-friendly genetic testing workflow.

In addition, for those of you who cannot or are concerned about bringing patients into the office for genetic testing, there are two ways to order testing that do not require in-person appointments:

Order online and have a saliva kit shipped to your patient

Most Invitae genetic tests—including tests ordered through sponsored testing programs—can be completed with a saliva sample kit shipped directly to your patient.

When placing an order in the online portal, simply select “Please ship a kit to the patient’s address” in the “Patient details” section.

(If you prefer to order via fax, simply fill out the "Ship a saliva kit to this patient" section on the first page of the order form. Download the latest version of Invitae order forms here.)

Your patient will receive their saliva collection kit a few days later. They can provide their sample from home and mail it directly to Invitae.

After we process their sample, you will receive results via the online portal as usual.

All the same turnaround times, insurance and billing practices apply as with a sample collected in-office. However, our family variant testing and re-requisition policies have been temporarily extended to 150 days (from 90 days) during this time.

Saliva samples are not possible for:

  • non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS)

  • preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

  • microarray

  • FISH

  • karyotype

  • pregnancy loss analysis

Have your patient initiate an order

(available in the US only)

Patients located in the US can initiate genetic tests directly with the help of an independent clinician.

For proactive and carrier tests:

  • After the patient initiates a genetic test, an independent clinician will ensure the correct test was requested, and will place the order on the patient’s behalf.

  • Genetic counselors are available throughout the process via telemedicine consultations.

  • Billing is limited to patient pay.

For diagnostic tests, family tests, and sponsored testing programs:

  • Invitae will connect your patient with a Genome Medical provider, who will provide pre-test genetic counseling services prior to placing the order.

  • Genetic counseling will also be available to patients post-test.

  • Where covered, diagnostic and family testing through Genome Medical can be billed to insurance or directly to the patient.

  • Genome Medical charges $125 patient-pay for their service ($50 on average with qualifying insurance). Learn more >

Your patient will mail a saliva sample directly to Invitae. Patients can easily access and share their results with you via Invitae’s online portal. 

If the links above do not work for you, please sign out of your Invitae portal account and try again.

Telemedicine support for every stage of the genetic testing process

We understand that it’s not possible to serve all patients using at-home saliva kits. We offer additional support through mobile phlebotomy (available in the US and Canada) as well as telephone-based genetic counseling for patients and Clinical Consult services for you.

Thank you to all the healthcare providers working to help people through this. We’re grateful for your dedication. As you navigate the challenges ahead, you can count on our full support.