Find the path to pregnancy, with preimplantation genetic testing

When you’re going through IVF, you want to plan for success

That’s why so many families make preimplantation genetic testing a standard part of their IVF treatment plans.

Preimplantation genetic testing helps identify embryos that are most suitable for transfer during IVF, giving you the best chance of implantation and a successful pregnancy.

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One step closer to a healthy pregnancy

The majority of miscarriages, especially those that happen in the first trimester, are due to chromosomal abnormalities. This test works by identifying embryos with extra or missing chromosomes or pieces of chromosomes.

By testing embryos before IVF transfer, you may have:

  • a higher chance of a successful, healthy IVF pregnancy
  • a reduced risk of miscarriage
  • the ability to identify the sex of your baby (only if you’d like to know)

Embryo health and maternal age

As we age, there’s a higher chance that our embryos are affected by chromosomal changes.

Testing can help you identify healthy* embryos.

Adapted from internal data on over 90,000 embryos, 2018.

Percent of embryos affected by chromosomal changes compared to mother’s age

at age 30 there are 32% affectedat age 35 there are 41% affectedat age 40 there are 65% affectedat age 42+ there are 80% affected

*Healthy implies the expected number of chromosomes indicated by Invitae preimplantation genetic testing.

How testing works

  • IVF cells sample collection

    1. Sample collection

    Your fertility team carefully collects just a few cells from your embryos and sends those cells to our lab for testing.
  • microscope

    2. Sample analysis

    Our scientists analyze whether each embryo has any chromosomal abnormalities that could cause a miscarriage or health condition.
  • Computer icon duotone

    3. Results

    Based on your results, your fertility team selects embryos for transfer, increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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Learn how preimplantation genetic testing can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy with this video by genetic counselor Julia Wilkinson.
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