Get valuable insights, with non-invasive prenatal screening

Part of your plan for a healthy pregnancy

From prenatal vitamins to prenatal yoga, you’re doing everything you can to ensure your baby is healthy. Non-invasive prenatal screening is another important part of a healthy pregnancy—plus it can predict your baby’s sex as early as 10 weeks.

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A simple, safe test

Non-invasive prenatal screening is a simple blood test that checks to see if your baby is at risk for certain genetic disorders, including Down syndrome.

These conditions are due to extra or missing pieces of genetic material called chromosomes, which may lead to a medical condition. Testing can also predict your baby’s sex (if you’d like to know).

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The leading Ob-Gyn organization, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, recommends offering aneuploidy screening—which includes non-invasive prenatal screening—to all women, regardless of maternal age.¹

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How it works

NIPS is a simple and safe test ordered by your healthcare provider. Because your blood also includes your baby’s DNA, nothing more than a regular blood draw is needed. This test has no increased risk of miscarriage, and results are typically available 5–7 days after your sample arrives at Invitae’s San Francisco laboratory.

Consider NIPS and carrier screening together

You can't eliminate uncertainty in pregnancy, but with NIPS & carrier screening you can get closer. Make a difference in your pregnancy journey with genetic testing.
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What are the potential results?

For most people, testing provides welcome peace of mind, revealing that their baby’s risk of having a genetic condition is low. Because boys and girls have different DNA, the test can also tell you your baby’s sex—but we’ll tell you that only if you want to know.

If your results indicate elevated risk for a genetic condition, your healthcare provider will follow up with prenatal diagnostic testing to confirm. If that diagnostic test also comes back positive, you may have options, including early treatment and/or delivery choices to improve the baby’s health.

Testing with Invitae includes a comprehensive post-test session with a genetic counselor, who can answer any questions you have about your results and next steps.

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Curious about cost?

Genetic information is important for every pregnancy. That's why we made our NIPS testing more affordable than many other companies. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover it (or you don't have insurance), Invitae offers a $99 self-pay price. You can also use your HSA/FSA.

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