You’ve learned what your genes say about your health. 

Now make a difference for others. 

You’re invited to participate in an innovative new study


Invitae is working to advance the use of genetics in healthcare by partnering with researchers from Harvard University, Baylor College of Medicine, and others on the NIH-funded Personal Genome Sequencing Outcomes Study.


The study aims to better understand the experiences, attitudes, and outcomes of people who have taken a proactive genetic test—people like you!

To take part, you’ll fill out an online survey about yourself, your background, and your experience getting genetic testing. The survey is completely confidential and takes about 30 minutes.


If you sign up to join the study, you’ll receive an email from Dr. Robert C. Green, MD, MPH, on behalf of the PeopleSeq Study Team, that includes a link to the confidential online survey.

Your answers will help researchers understand how genetic information can best be integrated into routine healthcare on a national level. Learn more about the study here.