Gain insight into unexplained symptoms

Unexplained symptoms may have a genetic cause

  • Genetic testing can provide important answers
  • Consulting with your doctor or another medical professional is essential to understanding your genetic results in the context of your health history and other tests
  • We’ve developed a letter, meant for you to share with your doctor, which offers a starting point for your conversation about genetic testing; it can help you ask your doctor the right questions and make it easy for him or her to contact Invitae with any questions

Genetic conditions sometimes go undiagnosed

  • Like other health conditions, symptoms of genetic conditions can be unclear
  • Many genetic conditions are uncommon or difficult to diagnose
  • Genetic testing can provide a diagnosis when other methods are inconclusive

A complete assessment by a qualified medical professional is always the best guide

Genetic testing adds additional information for your doctor to consider along with your personal and family health history, test results, and any other relevant factors