Genetic counseling resources at Invitae

Personalized to meet each patient's unique needs

Invitae's experienced, board-certified genetic counselors are available by telephone to answer brief questions about genetic testing and genetic test results. Patients being tested for hereditary conditions associated with cancer, cardiology, or proactive health screens also have the option to schedule a more comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session specific to their own medical and family histories, if desired. There is no additional charge for patients to access any of these services.

(800) 436-3037

M-F 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific

Frequently asked questions

What is a genetic counselor?

Genetic counselors are healthcare providers specifically trained in medical genetics; they are experts at explaining complex genetic concepts and analyzing family history to understand disease risk. They also help people understand what their genetic test results mean for themselves and family members.

Are genetic counseling services provided for all patients undergoing Invitae testing?

This service is currently available for patients in the U.S. and Canada undergoing testing testing at Invitae for hereditary conditions associated with cancer, cardiology, or proactive health screens.

Is there a charge for Invitae’s genetic counseling services?

Invitae’s genetic counseling services are included in the cost of your test.

How can I reach an Invitae genetic counselor?

Please call our Client Services team at 800-436-3037 and ask to speak with a genetic counselor.

What should I expect when I call 800-436-3037?

Patients may call Invitae's genetic counselors at 800-436-3037 anytime during business hours to:

  • ask general questions about the genetic testing process
  • briefly review your genetic test results (after they are released by your healthcare provider)
  • schedule a comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session

What happens during a comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session?

If you choose to schedule a comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session, your genetic counselor will briefly review your medical history, ask questions about your family medical history, review information about your genetic test results and what those results may mean for you and your family.

How can I prepare for a comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session?

Please set aside up to one hour that will be free from interruptions. You may wish to ask your family members about your family medical history in advance (specifically, any diagnosed medical conditions, such as cancer or heart disease, and the age at which each medical condition was diagnosed). You may also wish to ask them about the cause of death/age of death for deceased family members. Please see the guides and letters below for additional tips about gathering your family history.

Are genetic counseling services provided in languages other than English?

Yes. Spanish-language genetic counseling is available within Invitae. We also have access to interpreters who can provide services in most languages.

Is genetic testing right for you?


Why undergo genetic testing?

  • Explain why a disease developed

  • Clarify elevated disease risk in the future

  • Determine the best approach to medical care


Gather your family history

  • Your family medical history provides powerful insights into your risk of developing certain diseases.
  • Talking with your relatives about the diseases that are present in your family is very important, but some people are unsure about which family members to talk with, and what information to ask.
  • This guide offers tips on gathering your family medical history.

Know the potential results

There are three potential results from hereditary cancer genetic testing.
These guides walk you through what each type of result could mean for you.

Positive result

View guide

Negative result

View guide

Variant of uncertain significance

View guide