Invitae offers a range of reproductive and family health testing options.

These include:

  • Carrier screening to determine the risk of passing a genetic condition on to a child. Since you can pass on a genetic disorder to your child without having the disorder yourself, carrier screening is recommended for all individuals who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

  • Preimplantation genetic testing to identify appropriate embryos for transfer and optimize IVF outcomes.

  • Pregnancy loss analysis to determine if a miscarriage, fetal death, or stillbirth was due to a fetal chromosomal abnormality.

Carrier screening: How it works

1. Select your test.

You and your doctor will select the disorders that you should be tested for.

2. Provide a sample

Provide a blood or saliva sample in your doctor's office or collect your saliva sample at home.

3. Get your results.

Your results will be ready in 10-21 days, on average, from sample receipt and are easily accessed through the online portal.

4. Make your plan.

Discuss your results with one of our genetic counselours, your doctor, or both. Schedule an appointment to speak with a board-certified genetic counselour through our online portal.*

*Offered for patients in the US and Canada only. In other countries, your doctor can consult with an Invitae genetic counselor.

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Know the potential results


A positive result means that a disease-causing variant was found, and you are a carrier of one or more of the disorders tested. Being a carrier typically does not affect your own health; however, it does mean that there is an increased risk of having a child with that disorder. The next step is usually to test your partner. Our genetic counselors are also available to discuss your specific risks and concerns.


A negative result means that no disease-causing variants were identified for any of the disorders tested. A negative test provides reassurance because the chance of you having a child with any of the tested disorders is reduced. However, no test can detect all carriers, so there is still a small chance, called a residual risk, of being a carrier. Our genetic counselors are available to discuss your specific risks and concerns.

High-quality genetic testing plus much more

  • Simple, convenient, and affordable testing options
  • Rapid answers in 10-21 calendar days, on average
  • Expert analysis for clear understanding
  • Discounted pricing to test your reproductive partner