Proactive genetic testing: How it works

1. Work with your doctor to order a test

Print this letter and take it to your doctor to request an Invitae proactive test. Invitae proactive tests must be ordered by a healthcare professional.

2. Provide a sample

Provide a blood or saliva sample in your doctor's office or collect your saliva sample at home.

3. Get your results and more online

Your results will be ready in 10-21 days, on average, after sample receipt and are easily accessed through the online portal.

4. Develop a personalized health plan

Based on your results, you can work with your doctor to develop a proactive plan focused on prevention. You can also speak with Invitae’s genetic counselors about your results.*

*Offered for patients in the US and Canada only. In other countries, your doctor can consult with an Invitae genetic counselor.

Invitae proactive tests are available at affordable prices.

We accept credit cards and HSA/FSA cards.

Invitae Cancer Screen $250
Analyzes over 50 genes associated with a wide range of hereditary cancers

Invitae Cardio Screen $250
Analyzes over 70 genes associated with inherited cardiovascular conditions

Invitae Genetic Health Screen $350
Analyzes over 130 genes associated with both hereditary cancers and cardiovascular conditions, as well as several other medically actionable conditions

Know the potential results


If you receive a positive test result, this means that your test found a clinically significant genetic change that increases your risk of developing a specific medical condition. This does not mean that you will definitely develop that condition, but it does mean that you are significantly more likely to develop it than the average person.

The Invitae proactive tests may also indicate if you carry a genetic change that does not increase your own risk of developing a specific medical condition, but that may be passed within your family. This is known as carrier status. Carriers typically do not have symptoms or a family history of the disorder.

Next steps:

  • Since our proactive tests screen for medically actionable conditions, you should work with your doctor to create a medical management plan that addresses this increased risk. Depending on the condition, treatments could include medication, regular screening tests, or a change in lifestyle.

  • In addition, you may want to consider talking with a genetic counselor, who can assist you in understanding what your results mean for your family members and provide guidance on how and when to communicate this information to relatives.


If you receive a negative test result, this means that you do not carry genetic changes in the genes evaluated that are currently known to be associated with serious health conditions.

Next steps:

  • Your genes are an important piece of your overall health picture, but health and wellness go far beyond your DNA alone. Even with a negative genetic test result, proactive medical care and a healthy lifestyle are essential to your overall wellbeing and longevity.

  • You and your doctor can use this information to build an appropriate plan for your personal health and wellness. For example, genes not evaluated by this test, genetic disease associations yet to be discovered, or environmental factors may still put you at risk for developing certain types of health conditions.

High-quality genetic testing plus much more

  • Simple, convenient, and affordable testing options
  • Rapid answers in 10-21 calendar days, on average
  • Expert analysis for clear understanding
  • Testing at no charge to clarify risks for your blood relatives if you test positive