Simplified access to genetic testing

A new, medically responsible model for giving patients and clinicians access to high-quality genetic testing

Easier patient and clinician access to medically actionable genetic testing

Since we began, Invitae has worked tirelessly to make the highest-quality genetic testing affordable and accessible to everyone who can benefit. Now, we’re taking another step forward in that mission with the intention of making it easier for patients to access the same genetic testing experts use and trust in a medically responsible way.

Our new service provides patients with an easy-to-use, self-guided ordering experience to provide access to Invitae’s tests, reviewed and approved by independent genetic counselors and physicians.

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Dr. Nussbaum on simplified access to genetic testing

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Nussbaum, shares why this alternative model of service delivery is critical to bringing genetics into mainstream medicine. "From its inception, Invitae has been focused on reducing obstacles to genetic information," he says. "Patient-initiated testing is the next step in doing what Invitae has been doing all along. We want to make it easier for [patients] to get the testing they need."

Why is this new service important

Patients too often face challenges when seeking genetic testing for health reasons, such as lack of local providers, long wait times, and restrictive testing guidelines or payer policies. In addition, more and more patients are receiving information from direct-to-consumer tests that are ill-suited to answer their health questions. These tests provide incomplete analysis, often do not involve clinicians, and fail to include important genes and thus have high clinical false-negative rates.

Clinicians who are not experts in genetics also tell us they wish they had a trusted resource that provided a high-quality, medically-responsible, and self-guided ordering experience for their patients with appropriate support from genetics experts.

Our new service has been designed with all these needs in mind.

Who can benefit

We view this as an alternative model of service delivery that utilizes telemedicine to provide high-quality genetic counseling and testing to patients who are interested in driving this process themselves, either because of geographic distance, logistical barriers, or personal preference. We anticipate that this channel will be commonly used by the following populations:

  • Health-conscious people who have little to no family history of relevant diseases
  • Those who are adopted or have an unknown family history
  • Those who want to take advantage of expanded society guidelines but do not meet established criteria that allow their genetic testing to be covered by insurance (i.e. patients who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer but do not meet NCCN guidelines)
  • Relatives of patients who have tested positive and desire quick and easy access to familial variant testing

How it works

We have included clinical review and support, access to genetic counseling, and the ability to share results with providers, creating a telemedicine-enabled testing service that provides medically responsible, high-quality care for patients.

Our commitment to you

For more than five years, we have worked hard to earn your trust. With the growing body of evidence supporting the use of genetics in mainstream medicine, we are committed to expanding access to genetics in a medically-responsible way, to connecting patients and providers to improve medical outcomes, and to do so while lowering the cost of healthcare. This new model of delivering genetic information reflects that commitment.