Comprehensive cancer genetic testing

  • Genetic testing for BRCA and beyond
  • Curated tests for breast, gynecologic, colorectal cancers, and more
  • The option to design your own test for each patient
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High-quality genetic testing, with robust clinical evidence

  • The only clinical lab to deliver a >1000 patient study demonstrating excellent analytical validity and concordance with traditional testing methods
  • Multiple studies conducted in collaboration with world-renowned medical centers
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Flexible test options with expert support

Broad test menu

Select guidelines-based panels, pre-curated tests, or design your own panel at no additional charge.

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Clinical Consult Services

Peer-to-peer support for clinicians to help identify the right test for each patient and clarify results.

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Quick turnaround

Results available within 10-21 days. STAT results in 5-12 days.


High quality genetic testing doesn't need to be expensive