Genetic testing,
value redefined

High-quality, affordable genetic
testing for managed care partners

Our four pillars of value for managed care partners

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A commitment to quality testing

  • Invitae's >1000 patient, peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, shows equivalence to established standards
  • Highly automated laboratory coupled with a custom informatics environment ensures high-quality results
  • Evidence-based classification system enables reproducible variant reporting in line with ACMG guidelines

Comprehensive, actionable tests

  • Comprehensive menu covers today's clinically relevant hereditary conditions
  • Curated panel tests designed to confirm clinical diagnoses and produce actionable results
  • Guidelines-based panels contain only genes which meet clinical practice guidelines

Dedication to responsible medicine

  • A clinician must place the order for any Invitae test
  • Indication-specific genetic tests are curated by medical and genetic experts
  • Invitae's Clinical Support Services help clinicians and patients understand test results

Simple pricing. Simple billing. No surprises.

  • Same price for any genetic test within a single clinical area—regardless of the number of genes ordered
  • Re-requisition additional genes within original clinical area at no additional charge within 90 days

High-quality genetic testing doesn't need to be expensive