Know your real risk

Find out whether you are at risk of developing an inherited condition.


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Should you make health decisions based on your genetic test results? Ask yourself a few questions:

question_mark Is your test comprehensive?
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) tests may provide information on only a few genes and a few variations. In reality, there are thousands of gene variations that are important for understanding your cancer risk. Clinical tests provide comprehensive information on a broad set of genes definitively linked to cancer.
question_mark Was your test designed for health decisions?
Most DTC testing companies note that test results should not be used to make health decisions, whereas clinical tests are ordered by a clinician and are intended to provide medically actionable information.
question_mark Do you need clinical confirmation?
If you had a DTC test, ask your doctor to get it confirmed by a clinical test, designed to give you and your doctor the information to make decisions.

Know your real risk. Talk to a healthcare professional if you want genetic health information.

What can genetic testing do for me?

Genetic diagnosis

Diagnose an inherited condition or understand unexplained symptoms

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Reproductive health

Plan for a healthy pregnancy and learn how your genes could affect your future family

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Proactive health testing

Understand your health risks and focus on prevention

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Speak with your doctor

Due to the potential health implications of genetic testing, all clinical genetic tests must be ordered by a healthcare provider. Print this letter and take it to your doctor to request a proactive screen or speak to your doctor about other testing options.

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