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Get answers before your next Ob-Gyn visit.

An Invitae carrier screen checks for over 280 genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, fragile X syndrome, and spinal muscular atrophy so you can better understand your risk of passing on a genetic condition to your child. 

It’s the same test that Ob-Gyns may offer at your 8-week appointment, and is a step you can take at home to be more prepared for an efficient and effective check-up.

Delivered to your door


Our saliva collection kit is quickly sent to your home. Simply spit, return in the pre-paid return box, and expect your results in 2-3 weeks. 


Questions? We’re here to help online and by phone.

What comes next?


We won’t tell you exactly what you should or shouldn’t do for a healthy pregnancy (you’ll hear enough of that from pretty much everyone else). 


But, we can give you comprehensive results and expert insight that can help you plan ahead and make your next Ob-Gyn appointment more effective. 

There's no time like now to take control of your family's future health. 

Anyone who wants to better understand their risk of having a child with a genetic condition should consider a carrier screen.

Leading Ob-Gyns recommend carrier screening be offered for all pregnant women who are thinking about getting pregnant, are pregnant, or have a family history of a genetic disorder.

Genetic testing should be accessible to anyone who needs it.

We offer $250 pricing and accept HSA/FSA payments. If your results indicate that your partner needs testing too, their price is just $100. 

Insurance options are available.

Your data is protected. 

Invitae is the same test that clinicians use, following the same rigorous privacy protection practices, including HIPAA, CAP, and CLIA.