Learn about reproductive genetic testing Learn about reproductive genetic testing

Reproductive genetic testing

Genetic testing for before, during, and after pregnancy

Carrier screening

If you are pregnant or thinking about it

Determine your risk of passing a genetic condition on to your child, even if you do not have symptoms of the condition yourself.

Non-invasive prenatal screening

If you are early in your pregnancy

Understand your risk of having a baby with certain genetic disorders and predict your baby's sex with this safe and simple test you can take in early pregnancy.

Prenatal diagnostic testing

If you need an answer

Diagnose whether your baby has a specific genetic disorder before you give birth or confirm your results from a previous screening test like NIPS or ultrasound.

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

If you are undergoing IVF

Improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy by identifying the embryos that are most suitable for transfer during IVF.

Pregnancy loss analysis

If you’ve experienced a pregnancy loss

Understand the cause of loss and identify potential risk factors so you can create a plan for the future.