The future of your health is in your genes.

Learn what's inside them with a genetic test experts trust.

Screening for healthy adults

We have two types of tests ⁠— cancer and cardiovascular disease ⁠— or you can get a comprehensive test that looks at both.

Trust a test
experts trust

Clinicians in the US have relied on Invitae for more than 500,000 genetic tests across test types.

Supporting you
is in our DNA

Once you receive your results, we help make them easy to understand. Our genetic experts are there to answer your questions and provide information on next steps.

Take your test and learn your results
on your own time

We send the test kit and your results straight to you so the Invitae process is as convenient as possible.

I feel great. Why should I get
a proactive genetic test?

About 1 in 6 healthy adults carries a potentially serious health-related genetic risk without even realizing it.

Invitae screens for multiple genetic conditions such as cancer and heart disease, and then helps you understand the results and steps you may need to take for the future.

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