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I feel great. Why should I get

a proactive genetic test?

About 1 in 6 healthy adults carries a potentially serious health-related genetic risk without even realizing it.

Invitae screens for multiple genetic conditions such as cancer and heart disease, and then helps you understand the results and steps you may need to take for the future.

Supporting you is in our DNA

Clinicians in the US have relied on Invitae for more than a million genetic tests across test types.

Once you receive your results, we help make them easy to understand. Our genetic experts are there to answer your questions and provide information on next steps.

Testing for
multiple conditions
is as simple as
these 3 steps

1. Order your kit and have it delivered
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2. Provide a saliva sample in your own home
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3. Receive your results in 2–3 weeks


How is Invitae's genetic test different from other genetic tests that I've heard about?

Invitae’s proactive health tests are different from many other proactive DNA tests available directly to consumers because they provide comprehensive results about a variety of important medical conditions that have a clear medical path forward.

Our tests use a method called next-generation sequencing, which analyzes your genes for many medically-relevant, disease-causing variants (changes). We also analyze deletions and duplications in your genes that may be linked to an increased risk of disease, which can be difficult to detect with other methods of genetic testing.

Because of the important health implications of our proactive tests, all of Invitae's tests must be ordered in consultation with a clinician. If it is determined that you are at an increased risk for an inherited condition on our test, we encourage you to work together with a genetic counselor or your doctor to develop the best care strategy.

How will the privacy of my genetic test results be protected?

Invitae’s laboratories are CLIA- and CAP-certified and follow the same stringent medical privacy policies and practices shared by the rest of your medical team. This includes adhering to the safe and secure storage of all personal health information in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Learn more about our privacy policy at

How will this type of genetic testing help me with my current and future health care?

Our studies have found that about 16% of healthy adults carry a serious health-related genetic risk. Adults who learn that they have risk-related genetic changes can partner with their healthcare provider to seek early care, regular monitoring, and possibly initiate an early intervention to prevent the onset of disease. Additionally, lifestyle changes may be considered as a result of genetic test results.

Find the right test for you

Cancer screen

Looks at 61 genes to assess your risk of developing an inherited form of cancer such as breast, ovarian, prostate, and more.

Cardio Screen

Looks at 77 genes to assess your risk of developing an inherited form of heart disease such as arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, forms of high blood pressure and cholesterol, and more.

Genetic Health Screen

Looks at 147 genes to assess your risk of developing an inherited form of cancer, heart disease, and more.