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Genetic testing may reveal your risk of breast cancer, even without a family history

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Your breast health matters

You may have missed your mammogram this year, but it's still important to understand your risk of developing breast cancer. Research shows that 1 in 6 healthy adults carries a potentially serious health-related genetic risk, which may include breast cancer.1 Knowing your risk can make a big difference for your future health.

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Jenna had no concerning family history of breast cancer

Without Invitae’s cancer screen, Jenna would not have learned she has an increased risk of breast cancer. After receiving her results, she started getting mammograms 7 years ahead of schedule. Hear more about the steps Jenna is taking to reduce her risk.

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Invitae’s clinical-grade test is trusted by doctors, and can be started in the comfort of your home*:

Takes less than 5 minutes with an easy-to-use saliva collection kit
Checks for 61 genes associated with breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer
Provides results you can act on, including clear next steps
Includes a genetic counseling session over the phone
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Proactive genetic testing

Invitae Cancer Screen

Submit a saliva sample to learn what your genes have to say about your personal cancer risk. This clinical-grade test looks at 61 genes associated with cancer. Includes a results consultation with a genetic counselor.


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Our tests are trusted by healthcare providers and patients for their accuracy. We’ve delivered over a million tests—and counting.

We’re HIPAA compliant, which means we use the same privacy policies as your doctor.
You control who sees your results, and we won’t share your information without your consent.

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* Once you complete the online ordering process, an independent physician will review your health history and approve the test, if appropriate.
1 Haverfield E. Multigene panel screening for hereditary disease risk in healthy individuals. Poster presented at: ACMG Annual Meeting; April 12, 2018; Charlotte, NC.