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Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals trained in genetics and counseling. They are experts at explaining complex genetic concepts and analyzing family history to understand disease risk. They also help people understand what their genetic test results mean for themselves and their family members.

Two easy ways to speak with a genetic counselor

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Our team of board-certified genetic counselors is available on demand by phone during business hours to assist you with general questions about genetic testing and your results. 

Schedule an appointment

If you have undergone testing related to reproductive health, cancer, cardiology, or ophthalmology, or if you have taken one of our proactive tests, you have the option to schedule a comprehensive post-test genetic counseling session at no additional charge.*

*Offered in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The Invitae Consent for Genetic Counseling and Telehealth can be found here.

Have questions? 

Our resource center offers:

  • videos on different genetic test types and processes
  • patient guides
  • resources for family members

Our FAQs offer:

  • details on what happens in a genetic counseling session
  • an overview of how to prepare for your session
  • more information on how to reach an Invitae genetics expert
Genetic counseling services

Gathering your family history

Your family medical history provides powerful insights into your risk of developing certain diseases.

Talking with your relatives about the diseases that are present in your family is very important, but some people are unsure about which family members to talk with, and what information to ask.