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Insurance billing


Financial assistance

Insurance payments

In network for more than 270 million—and counting

Invitae accepts insurance payments from most providers, and we’ll work directly with your insurance company to coordinate coverage and payment on your behalf. Invitae bills insurance for less than most other labs, which means a lower out-of-pocket cost for you. For example, for a test related to cancer, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, or carrier screening, a typical out-of-pocket cost is between $0 and $100.

Please note:

  • Insurance billing is generally not available for proactive or preimplantation genetic testing, as these tests are very rarely covered by insurance.


Don’t have insurance or prefer not to use it? No problem.

You have the option to pay Invitae directly for your testing, at an affordable price as low as $99 for NIPS (non-invasive prenatal screening) and $250 for diagnostic, proactive, and carrier testing.

We accept HSA and FSA payments.

Financial assistance

Get help paying for your genetic test

Invitae is committed to making genetic testing affordable and accessible. Our financial assistance program is available to individuals in the US who meet certain financial and clinical criteria.

Your billing questions, answered

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Our resource center includes more information on billing options, and our exceptional Client Services team is ready to assist you.