(Image: Gia, our virtual genetic information assistant)

Meet Gia, our virtual genetic information assistant

A HIPAA-compliant clinical chatbot, Gia facilitates virtual conversations with patients, including intake of family history and pre-test education.

Offering genetic testing is simple with Gia

(Icon: Gia clinical chatbot)

1. Share Gia: Provide a link to your patients prior to their appointment. Available for patients and clinicians in the US.

(Icon: Intake with Gia clinical chatbot)

2. Intake: Via a virtual chat, Gia gathers intake information, including personal and family history.

(Icon: Education with Gia clinical chatbot)

3. Education: Gia guides your patients through pre-test education from the comfort of their home.

(Icon: Guidance with Gia clinical chatbot)

4. Guidance: You're notified when a patient completes a chat and will receive a clinical summary note. You’re also notified of your patient’s eligibility (for cancer testing), their interest in genetic testing, and which test to consider.

(Icon: Ordering with Gia clinical chatbot)

5. Ordering: The order form automatically populates with patient information. Simply select the test and sign electronically.

(Icon: Results with Gia clinical chatbot)

6. Results: You’ll receive your patient’s results and can follow up with them directly.

Gia can assist:

(Icon: Gia chatbot: Cancer)

Patients who have cancer

  • Identify patients who need germline genetic testing according to guidelines

  • Answer questions about testing

  • Assist with ordering

(Icon: Gia chatbot: Cancer risk)

Patients who may be at risk for cancer

  • Collect family history

  • Provide a genetic risk assessment with the Tyrer-Cuzick model

  • Identify patients who meet guidelines for testing

(Icon: Gia chatbot: Pregnancy)

Patients who are pregnant or considering it

  • Collect and assess personal history

  • Educate patients in advance of their in-person appointment

(Illustration: Patients love interacting with the Gia clinical chatbot)

Patients love working with Gia

  • Over 100,000 patients have interacted with Gia to date.

  • More than 80% of patients invited to engage with Gia chose to do so.

  • Gia has a 92% overall satisfaction rate with patients and is used by some of the top academic health systems in the US.