Invitae establishes Genome Network

Partnerships with biopharma companies, as well as the acquisition of AltaVoice, enable more comprehensive understanding of inherited diseases through the permission-based sharing of genetic information and patient insights

Invitae Genome Network: Patient-directed data sharing

With the acquisition of AltaVoice, a patient-centered data company, Invitae has further established the foundation for its Genome Network to connect patients, advocacy organizations, clinicians, researchers, and therapeutic developers.

The network seeks to accelerate the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary disease through permission-based sharing of genetic and clinical information, all the while keeping patients firmly in the “driver’s seat.”


AltaVoice: A patient-centered data platform

AltaVoice amplifies the voice of patients with a global platform for collecting, curating, coordinating, and delivering safeguarded data from patients and clinicians. Its patient-centered programs, including Patient Insights Networks℠ (PINs), enable organizations to more efficiently build engaged, research-ready patient communities, recruit for trials, educate, and track patient outcomes.

Since 2007, the company has developed programs for more than 400 diseases through its work with more than 100 advocacy groups, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Both Invitae and AltaVoice share common commitments: patients own their data; permission-based sharing of patient data can be valuable to improving patient outcomes; patients should decide what's best for them; and disrupting the traditional models removes barriers to diagnosis and treatment.

Stronger together

Invitae’s ongoing testing services combined with AltaVoice’s database of more than 75,000 patients bring together valuable capabilities, technology, and data to accelerate the use of genetic information for the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases.

The Invitae Genome Network provides patients with a platform where they direct how to share their data to benefit themselves or further research. Clinicians and patients interested in participating in the Invitae Genome Network should create an account on the AltaVoice website. For information on genetic testing, clinicians can create an account on the Invitae website. For an overview of Invitae’s updated privacy policy, please see the website or email

About Invitae

Invitae is committed to delivering comprehensive and high quality, affordable testing—improving patients’ lives while also saving the healthcare system valuable dollars.

We believe that individuals own and control their genetic and medical information and that such information is most valuable when voluntarily shared to improve healthcare and advance science and medicine.