Genetic testing can provide a clearer picture of what to do next

Invitae offers testing for a variety of health concerns

Each comes with clear next steps, so you and your doctor can make decisions personalized to your body.
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    Heart disease

    • High cholesterol

    • Heart failure

    • Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)

    • Cardiomyopathy

    • Aortic conditions

    • Congenital heart disease

    • And more

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    Neurological issues

    • Developmental disorders

    • Movement disorders, like Parkinson’s disease

    • Neuromuscular disorders

    • Neurodegenerative diseases

    • Epilepsy

    • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

    • And more

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    Rare disease

    • Autoimmune diseases

    • Connective tissue diseases

    • Endocrine diseases

    • Immune system diseases

    • Kidney diseases

    • Cystic fibrosis

    • And more

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    Pediatric conditions

    • Epilepsy

    • Delayed development

    • Overgrowth

    • Early breathing disorders

    • Structural heart defects

    • Multiple birth defects

    • Childhood-onset cancers

    • And more

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Genetic testing can provide essential health information and may improve outcomes by:

Finding a medical diagnosis for unexplained symptoms.
The sooner you have a confirmed diagnosis, the sooner you can take control

Discovering better treatment options (and avoiding unnecessary ones).
Know which medicines and procedures may be most effective, without trial and error

Reducing or eliminating the need for more invasive testing.
Genetic testing is simple, and can often be done on a saliva sample

Identifying family members who may also be at risk.
Testing family members can unlock preventive steps that help them stay healthy

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What’s included

When you order an Invitae genetic test, you’re getting:
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    Comprehensive testing

    Invitae offers comprehensive testing that includes genes relevant to a specific condition or set of symptoms.
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    Clear next steps

    Invitae’s results come with clear next steps, so you and your doctor can take action based on your genetics.
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    Direct access to genetics experts

    Experts are available by phone to answer your questions. Once you have your results, you can also schedule a full genetic counseling session at no extra charge.

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